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In the February issue of the magazine ČD pro vás, you’ll find an interview with talented actor and musician Ondřej Brzobohatý...

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Do freezing days torment you because you can’t wait for the summer sun? Then maybe you’re considering a vacation by the sea. Whether you’ll wait for summer or take off right away, what about trying something exotic? You’d definitely find it in Indonesia, a tropical paradise in south-east Asia. Locals and tourists have not always experienced such calm, however. All you have to do is remember the tsunami wave that struck the local coast a few years ago. Many will never want to return; others, like Charita Česká republika, are still providing assistance here.

Maybe you’d like to travel on the Czech railway network much faster than you can today, just like supporters of high-speed rail lines. You’ll find an interesting article on this topic with arguments for and against their construction on the pages of the “From the World of Railway” column.

If you set out on an excursion or business trip aboard the Pendolino, you’ll have a unique opportunity to try out the comfort of 1st class at discounted prices as well as new on-board services such as online orders for refreshments delivered right to your seat. You’ll find out more on the ČD Guide website.

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