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How to Purchase a Ticket

Nákup v pokladně

Ticket Purchase at a Ticket Office

You can purchase tickets and seat reservations at the ticket counter right in the station. »

Nákup v automatu

Purchase at a Vending Machine

At larger railway stations we are installing modern easy-to-use ticket vending machines. »

Nákup u průvodčího

Purchase from the Conductor

Didn’t have time to purchase a ticket at the station? No problem. »

Nákup na internetu

Purchase Online

We offer quick ticket purchases through our online e-shop.»

Nákup přes chytrý telefon

Purchasing Tickets Using a Smartphone

You can purchase tickets easily using your smartphone too. »

Nákup po telefonu - TeleTiket

Purchase by Phone - TeleTiket

You can purchase a train ticket from anywhere; all you need is a phone. »

Nákup u partnerů ČD

Purchase from ČD Partners

Our partner companies sell train tickets as a supplementary service. »

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