Introduction / Domestic Travel

Domestic Travel


ČDOS - obrázek upoutávky na HL1

Choose one of our special offers and save on train journeys...»


Jízdní řád

Find your connection and travel with us aboard a ČD train...»

In-karta Card


Looking for ways to save money when travelling by train? The In-karta card is the right choice for you...»

Special Offers

Speciální nabídky

Sleeper, couchette and restaurant carriages and other interesting offers for comfortable travel...»

Services at the Station

Ticket windows, waiting rooms, restaurants and other services are available to you at our stations...»

Luggage Transport

Pack your bike, pram or large snack. There’s space in the train for everything...

ČD Accessibility

Travel by train can be easy for all passengers. Come aboard our accessible trains...»

Our Trains

Each day we dispatch 7500 trains. ČD trains will take you to work and even on an excursion...»