Introduction / In Karta Card / ODISka Card

With ODISka more affordably aboard ČD trains throughout the Czech Republic

The ODISka is a card intended for easy travel within the integrated transport system for the Moravia-Silesia region (ODIS). ČD, in cooperation with the Coordinator of ODIS and other carriers, is enabling the expansion of the ODISka with a ČD Karta, thanks to which you can travel inexpensively with one card in your pocket – not only in the region but throughout the Czech Republic.

ČD Karta

A ČD Karta is not a real card; it only has an electronic form and will become part of your ODISka upon activation similarly to pre-paid tariff zones. It will be recorded onto your ODISka at certain selected stations and you can use it for more affordable travel on all ČD trains.

  • Just fill in a paper request form for an In Karta card, available in ČD ticket offices or downloadable from ČD’s website, and submit it at a ČD ticket office with a photograph in ID card format.
  • The actual activation of your ČD Karta will take place while you wait and free of charge.

Discount applications for ČD trains

Select the discount application that you will use each time you travel on a ČD train according to your needs:

  • IN 25 – travel for one-quarter less
  • IN 50 – travel for one-half less
  • IN 100 – travel without limitation without purchasing additional tickets (with the exception of required SC Pendolino seat reservations and sleeper and couchette supplements)
  • IN Senior – travel on local (Os) and limited-stop (Sp) trains free of charge (2nd carriage class), when using other ČD trains you receive a 50% discount
  • Commuter ticket – discounted fare for frequent travel on one route

Complete overview of ČD discount applications

With a valid ČD discount application on an ODISka, you can also purchase First Minute Czech and Special-Offer Tickets.

Travel without printed tickets

A new advantage for ODISka cardholders is the possibility to purchase a ticket from home all the way to your destination without having to print it out and carry it with you. Just purchase your train ticket in the ČD eShop and instead of your In Karta card number just enter your ODISka number. For example, in Ostrava you will travel with your ODISka to the train station by tram and from there perhaps to Prague by train. Instead of a ticket, just show the conductor your ODISka. Using the card, the conductor will then automatically search for your ticket purchased in advance in the ČD eShop

Easy travel in 1st carriage class

Purchase a time upgrade to 1st carriage class for the ČD Karta on your ODISka and travel for a week, a month, 3 months or a whole year in greater comfort!
More information about travelling in 1st carriage class

Differences from an In Karta card

  • the ČD electronic wallet (EPIK) is not available, nor is it possible to use the ČD Bonus loyalty programme
  • it is not possible to use the ODISka’s wallet to pay for ČD products
  • it does not contain the Rail Plus offer for discounts on international tickets
  • the contents of your ČD Karta are available only on ČD devices
  • a ČD Karta cannot be transferred to a different cardholder, nor can current In Karta cardholders transfer the contents of their cards to the ODISka
  • it is not possible to purchase the IN 25 START discount application

Where to activate your ČD Karta

  • Bohumín
  • Bystřice (Bystrzyca)
  • Český Těšín
  • Frenštát pod Radhoštěm
  • Frýdek-Místek
  • Frýdlant nad Ostravicí
  • Háj ve Slezsku
  • Havířov
  • Hostašovice
  • Karviná hlavní nádraží
  • Krnov
  • Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem
  • Návsí (Nawsie)
  • Nový Jičín město
  • Opava východ
  • Opava západ
  • Ostrava hlavní nádraží
  • Ostrava-Kunčice
  • Ostrava-Svinov
  • Ostrava-Stodolní
  • Ostrava střed
  • Paskov
  • Studénka
  • Suchdol nad Odrou
  • Štítina
  • Třinec (Trzyniec)
  • Valašské Meziříčí
  • Veřovice
  • Vratimov

You will find the opening hours for ticket counters at individual stations in the list of ČD stations.

Lost or non-functional ODISka cards

Only the card issuer can replace a lost or non-functional ODISka. The issuer will block the original ODISka and issue a substitute card or even a brand new ODISka (duplicate card). Then, it will be necessary to visit one of the specified ČD ticket counters to replace your ČD Karta and the applications that you have previously purchased for it.

  • A ČD Karta cannot be created for a substitute ODISka, so after presenting identification and paying a fee of CZK 100 you will be issued a separate paper provisional ČD Karta for each application purchased on the original ČD Karta. This provisional ČD Karta serves as a travel document until the new ODISka (duplicate card) is issued.
  • Once you have your new ODISka (duplicate card), visit one of the specified ČD ticket counters and a duplicate ČD Karta with all your previously purchased applications will be created, while you wait, on the new ODISka (duplicate card). If you do not procure a new ODISka, the exercise of your right under the transport contract (the lodging of a claim) concerning ČD applications and travel documents by means of the ČD Karta product is governed by the ČD Contractual and Transport Terms for Public Passenger Transport (SPPO), ČD tariffs and possibly other rules, which can be found in the Rules We Abide By section.

Update: 19.12.2014

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